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An asymmetric model is described for interactions in the perception of two dimensions (length and orientation) of a single visual stimulus. Two methods were used to test these interactions, and models for the interpretation of the possible outcomes of these tests are discussed. A length discrimination task showed facilitation (decreased reaction time) when(More)
There is a long tradition of some general practitioners developing areas of special interest within their mainstream generalist practice. General practice is now becoming increasingly fragmented, with core components being delivered as separate and standalone services (eg, travel medicine, skin cancer, women's health). Although this fragmentation seems to(More)
BACKGROUND Despite a major research focus on clinical reasoning over the last several decades, a method of evaluating the clinical reasoning process that is both objective and comprehensive is yet to be developed.The aim of this study was to test whether a dual approach, using two measures of clinical reasoning, the Clinical Reasoning Problem (CRP) and the(More)
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