M. Devos

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~H>st z'act in this paper we present PEP (the Parallel Expert Parser~ Devos 198'7), a radically revised descendant of WEP (the Word Expert Parser, Small 1980). WEP's idea of linguistic entities as interacting processes has been retained, but its adherence to the word as the only entity has been rejected. Experts exist at different levels, communicate(More)
Compound A possesses glucocorticoid receptor (GR)-dependent anti-inflammatory properties. Just like classical GR ligands, Compound A can repress NF-κB-mediated gene expression. However, the monomeric Compound A-activated GR is unable to trigger glucocorticoid response element-regulated gene expression. The heat shock response potently activates heat shock(More)
Punme A definite need remains for accurate follow-up of limctional loss due to chronic open angle glaucoma, applicable in clinical practice. In 1991, the measurement of peripheral colour contrast sensitivity was introduced as a method for evaluating functional loss in incipient glaucoma (" ring test ")(Yu et al., IOVS, 32: 2779-2789). We modified this(More)
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