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MIMO systems exploit the multipath propagation in rich scattering environment using multiple transmit and receive antennas to increase the capacity of a link. The matrix channel plays a pivotal role in the throughput of a MIMO link since the modulation, data rate, power allocation and antenna weights are dependent on the channel gain. This paper evaluates(More)
Adaptive modulation substantially increases the throughput of a wireless network by adjusting the modulation index to the channel conditions. In this paper, we propose algorithms for implementing adaptive M-QAM modulation for both OL- and CL-MIMO systems. The goal is to maximize the throughput subject to a target BER constraint. For OL-MIMO, the algorithm(More)
A new electroless Ni-B coating, whose formulation is not available commercially, is developed. After doing successful Ni-B coating, nano size diamond particles (UDD-Ultra dispersive diamond) are added to improve hardness and wear resistance properties of the coating. Five different suspensions are prepared and also five different electroless composite Ni-B(More)
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