M. Dekker

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Epidemiological and mechanistic studies show health-promoting effects of glucosinolates and their breakdown products. In literature, differences in non-enzymatic glucosinolate degradation rates during food processing between different vegetables are described, which provide the basis for studying the genetic effects of this trait and breeding vegetables(More)
This review critically evaluated literature on proximate composition and nutritional value of Marula in comparison with other tropical and indigenous fruits in order to identify areas for future research. It was found that nutrients content and processing methods of Marula fruit varied greatly from study to study and according to place of origin, soil,(More)
Nutritional quality of vegetables is affected by several steps in the food chain. Up to now the effects of these different steps are mostly studied separately. We propose the cooperation between plant breeding and food technology by using food technological parameters as breeding traits to identify genetic loci associated with food processing. An example of(More)
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