M Debora Congiu

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The UDP glucuronosyltransferases (UGT) are a family of enzymes in which substrates include drugs, xenobiotics, and products of endogenous catabolism. The main source of most UGT enzymes is the liver, a major organ in the detoxification and inactivation of compounds. Previous studies have indicated that glucuronidation, as measured by pharmacokinetic(More)
BACKGROUND It has been hypothesised, mainly from studies with animal models of liver disease, that the transport of substrates for metabolic enzymes and their subsequent metabolism and elimination in hepatic bile or blood is co-ordinated, but there is little information on this process in diseased human liver. METHODS In this study we have measured by(More)
AIM The study evaluates the repair of residual alveolar cleft through secondary bone graft, consisting in the transplantation of autologous bone to restore the continuity of the maxillary arch and achieve normal functioning and esthetics. METHODS During 2001-2002, 15 patients (age range 9-26 years; 7 males, 8 females) were submitted to secondary bone(More)
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is frequently associated with hepatic steatosis, particularly in patients with HCV genotype-3 (HCVGT3). It has variously been hypothesized, largely from in-vitro studies, to be the result of increased synthesis, decreased metabolism and export of triglycerides. We measured by real-time PCR the expression of genes involved(More)
This study evaluated the microleakage of a giomer resin bonded with total-etch and self-etch adhesive systems after exposure to hydrogen peroxide. Thirty freshly extracted, caries-free human premolars and molars were used. The teeth were randomly divided into two groups: Group I was exposed to 33% hydrogen peroxide (Niveous-Shofu) for 30 minutes daily for(More)
UNLABELLED The success of an esthetic rehabilitation depends on the understanding of the patient's need and expectation. The management of patients with moderate to severe tetracycline-stained teeth is very challenging. Tooth whitening may be a valid alternative to more aggressive treatments; however, patients should be aware of the limitations of tooth(More)
To evaluate the effect of endotoxin administration on the glucuronidation of multiple substrates in a rat model. In addition, the effect of endotoxin treatment on selected UGT mRNA levels in the liver and the kidney was also investigated. Male Sprague-Dawley rats (n= 6) received endotoxin (1.6 mg/kg) by intraperitoneal injection. The animals were sacrificed(More)
Clinical indications for direct composite restorations have expanded in the last decade, primarily due to improved physical, aesthetic, and handling properties. As a consequence, their increased predictability has encouraged clinicians to progressively abandon amalgam. This article presents a clinical protocol to reconstruct severely damaged endodontically(More)
BACKGROUND Comparative gene expression is commonly determined with reference to the expression of a housekeeping gene (HKG), the level of which is assumed to be unregulated. There are little data to date on the effect of disease on the expression of classic HKGs in hepatitis C virus (HCV)-infected human liver. AIMS To identity HKGs stable across a wide(More)