M. De Oliveira Duarte

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This paper deals with the implementation of five multivariable adaptive, as well as classical, control strategies in an industrial grinding plant. The extended horizon, pole-placement, model reference, direct Nyquist Array and sequential loop closing algorithms were studied and implemented at CODELCO-Andina's copper grinding plant, with each of them(More)
This paper presents a framework for the design and implementation of learning objects using a competence-based approach. This framework is illustrated by the development of a standalone Windows application (Trilho GOA) whose primary purpose is to create standardized pedagogical contents trough the aggregation and standardization of instructional resources(More)
The paper intends to present eABC – Scientific Publications Bibliographic Archive of University of Aveiro'. It describes the motivation that induced its implementation, advantages for users and for all those whom the system serves. Some of the systems functionalities will be presented, along with a description on how to use them. Finally, the current status(More)
In this paper five multivariable adaptive and classical control strategies have been studied and implemented in a simulator of the copper grinding plant of CODELCO-Andina. The strategies presented were compared and, according to theory, exhibit good behavior. The extended horizon, pole-placement and model reference multivariable adaptive control strategies(More)
Ž. This work investigates the use of a recently developed direct neural network NN multivariable predictive controller applied to a grinding plant. The NN controller is trained so that an estimation of the control error several steps ahead is minimized, which are given by a properly designed NN called predictor. An NN, which identifies the plant, is used to(More)
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