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The aim of this work is to evaluate the capability of tomato plants to use different Fe sources, such as Fe citrate, Fe phytosiderophores, and Fe complexed by a water-extractable humic substances (Fe-WEHS) also in relation to physiological and molecular adaptations induced by these complexes at the root level. Tomato plants acquired higher amounts of Fe(More)
One of the most interesting functions of the placenta is the regulation of the maternal immune response such that the fetal semi-allograft is tolerated during pregnancy. Trophoblasts are presumed to be essential to this phenomenon because they lie at the maternal-fetal interface, where they are in direct contact with cells of the maternal immune system.(More)
A clinical case of peduncular hallucinosis due to circulatory insufficiency of the cerebral trunk is reported. Angiography revealed marked hypoplasia of a vertebral artery. The patient presented changes to sleep-arousal rhythms and neurological signs with focus involving the cerebral trunk. The patient took an emotional part in her visual hallucinations(More)
Since it is was first described by James Parkinson in 1817 much has been learnt about Parkinson's disease. The complete picture is not clear, however, and a new impulse has been given to the study of the physiopathology of the basal ganglia by the therapeutic employment of L-Dopa with a peripheral inhibitor of the decarboxylase. This treatment is the best(More)
The special committee consisting of a neurologist, an anaesthesist and a forensic doctor, refused transplantation permission since spinal reflexes were present. These reflexes persisted until cardiac death occurred. Brain death was diagnosed by instrumental techniques and was confirmed by necropsies.