M Dam Trung Tuong

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1. Mast cell populations in rat lung and spleen were characterized by the presence of two specific protease markers, rat mast cell protease I and II, using both histochemical and radioimmunoassay techniques. Three mast cell populations with different size, morphology, and localization were found in lung and spleen and were identified according to the(More)
A novel in vivo binding test was developed in order to evaluate the degree of occupancy of enkephalinase (EC, a membrane-bound metallopeptidase, in cerebral and peripheral tissues of mice treated with enkephalinase inhibitors. The probe selected for this purpose was the prodrug [3H]acetorphan, a lipophilic diesterified derivative of the potent(More)
1. Tyrosyl protein sulfotransferase (TPS) activity in the newborn and mature rat brain was studied using the cholecystokinin derivative terbutyloxycarbonyl-Asp-Tyr-Met-Gly-Trp-Met-Asp-PheNH2, BocCCK-8(ns), as the peptide substrate. 2. TPS activity was enriched 4 times in the microsomal and synaptic vesicular enriched fractions of rat cerebral cortex. 3.(More)
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