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BACKGROUND Inpatient care constitutes the most expensive component of psychiatric services and pressure is increasingly being mounted on clinicians to discharge patients early. With the advent of managed care in Nigeria, psychiatrists as well as other physicians will be faced with the challenge of having to justify patient's length of hospital admission.(More)
Micronutrient deficiency affects about 2 billion people all over the world. The major micronutrient deficiencies which are of public health importance include vitamin A, iron and iodine deficiencies. The deficiencies of these micronutrients cause a variety of morbidities and increased mortality which are most severe in children, adolescent girls and(More)
BACKGROUND Malaria accounts for about 60% of all clinic attendance in Nigeria. About 300,000 children die of malaria annually while an estimated 4,500 pregnant women are lost annually on account of malaria in Nigeria alone. High cost of treatment is a barrier to the uptake of health services in low resource settings, therefore an exploration of the cost of(More)
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