M. D. Zingde

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Hg levels in water, suspended particulate matter and sediment of the Ulhas estuary are under considerable environmental stress due to the indiscriminate release of effluents from a variety of industries including chlor-alkali plants. Concentration ranges of dissolved (0.04-0.61 micro gl(-1)) and particulate (1.13-6.43 micro gg(-1)) Hg reveal a definite(More)
The paper reports PHc contamination in water, sediment and biota of the coastal area of Bassein-Mumbai in relation to relatively less polluted sites (Dabhol and Ratnagiri) off the west coast of India. To facilitate inter-comparison three standards have been used though the results are reported in terms of SAM (Residue of Saudi Arabian Mix crude). The(More)
Spatial and temporal variations of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) in the Gulf of Kachchh (GoK), India are assessed based on data collected since 1976. DO concentrations in the interior GoK vary within a narrow range (6.05-6.86 mg l(-1)), whereas near-shore waters show wider variations (3.5-7.8 mg l(-1)). The DO concentration(More)
Sequential extraction of Hg was performed in a core collected from intertidal area in Ulhas Estuary in order to characterize the downward distribution and diagenetic behavior of Hg in a polluted estuary. Concentration of total Hg ranged between 0.46 and 6.40 microg g(-1) with significant decrease in surficial sediment as a result of closing of two Hg-cell(More)
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