M. D. Serret

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Genomic selection (GS) and high-throughput phenotyping have recently been captivating the interest of the crop breeding community from both the public and private sectors world-wide. Both approaches promise to revolutionize the prediction of complex traits, including growth, yield and adaptation to stress. Whereas high-throughput phenotyping may help to(More)
The growth ofGardenia jasminoides Ellis plantlets and the development of photoautotrophy during two successive culture stages (shoot multiplication and root induction)in vitro was analyzed. We examined the effects of changes in growth conditions (type of tube closure, light, and sugar levels) on the development of photoautotrophy and growth during(More)
This experiment aims to test the traits responsible for the increase in yield potential of winter wheat released in Henan Province, China. Seven established cultivars released in the last 20 years and three advanced lines were assayed. The results showed that grain yield was positively correlated with harvest index (HI), kernel number per square meter, and(More)
This paper reports on the fast fluorescence responses of Gardenia jasminoides Ellis plantlets, at two successive stages (shoot multiplication and root induction) of culture in vitro. We test whether plantlets in vitro suffer photoinhibition during culture and whether the degree of photoautotrophy of these mixotrophic plantlets has any effect on the extent(More)
We studied the relationships between the degree of photoautotrophy, photosynthetic capacity, and extent of photoinhibition of Gardenia jasminoides Ellis plantlets in vitro. Two successive micropropagation stages (shoot multiplication and root induction), and three culture conditions [tube cap closure, photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD), and sucrose(More)
The ear, together with the flag leaf, is believed to play a major role as a source of assimilates during grain filling in C3 cereals. However, the intrusive nature of most of the available methodologies prevents reaching conclusive results in this regard. This study compares the carbon isotope composition (δ(13)C) in its natural abundance in the(More)
Photosynthetic rates and related anatomical characteristics of leaves developed at three levels of irradiance (1200, 300 and 80 umol · m−2 · s−1) were determined in the C4-like species Flaveria brownii A.M. Powell, the C3–C4-intermediate species F. linearis Lag., and the F1 hybrid between them (F. brownii × F. linearis). In the C3–C4 and F1 plants,(More)
We tested the effect of growing conditions during micropropagation on the fast kinetics of chlorophyll (Chl) fluorescence of Gardenia jasminoides Ellis plantlets during a 4-week acclimation to ex vitro. We studied whether photoautotrophic growing in vitro produced plantlets with less photoinhibition impairment during acclimation. Of the growing conditions(More)
Precession electron diffraction (PED) allows for diffraction pattern collection under quasi-kinematical conditions. The combination of PED with fast electron diffraction acquisition and pattern matching software techniques is used for the high magnification ultra-fast mapping of variable crystal orientations and phases, similarly to what is achieved with(More)