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The method of cell-associated antibiotic therapy consists of extracorporal exposure of the autoblood formed elements to antibiotic solution followed by their reinfusion. Pharmacokinetics of erythromycin after its intravenous and cell-associated administration in patients with community-acquired pneumonia and the clinical efficacy of the method were(More)
Under study were catalase activity and indicators of lipid peroxidation (LP) of donor blood exposed to different doses of UV irradiation. Doses lower than 630 J/m2 were found to activate catalase and to inhibit LP while doses higher than 630 J/m2 inhibited catalase activity and activated LP. The indicators of LP have confirmed that therapeutic doses of(More)
The authors have studied mexicor's efficacy in a comprehensive treatment of 25 patients suffering from atherosclerosis obliterans of the lower extremities with grade II-III ischaemia. The state of the vascular bed and the degree of arteries' narrowing were assessed by means of colour duplex scanning of the lower limb arteries using the unit Vivid 7(More)
The results of complex treatment of 81 patients with pyoinflammatory diseases with the use of blood ultraviolet irradiation are discussed. A marked clinical effect was noted, the terms of treatment reduced by 5-10 days, the outcomes improved, and the number of complications decreased. Irradiation of autologous blood by ultraviolet rays led to modulation of(More)
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