M. D. Prameela

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The extensor digitorum brevis manus, a supernumerary muscle in the fourth extensor compartment of the dorsum of the wrist, is a relatively rare anomalous muscle. Extensor digitorum brevis should be included in the differential diagnosis of soft tissue masses on the dorsal aspect of the hand as it may mimic cystic, neoplastic, inflammatory, and infectious(More)
The identification of mastoidal emissary veins is of importance in the neurosurgical practice to diagnose abnormal and normal structures. In the present study, the objectives were to estimate the prevalence rate of mastoidal emissary foramina in the temporal bones of the adult skull and to study their number and morphology. The present study included 48(More)
The extensor digitorum brevis manus is a supernumerary muscle of the dorsum of hand and is a relatively rare finding during dissection. Only 2-3% of the cases are found world wide. Here we report the case of extensor digitorum brevis manus in an approximately 65-year-old Indian male cadaver. This report discusses the variant anatomy, morphology, review of(More)
PURPOSE The objectives were to study the morphometry of occipital condyles and to find the incidence of third occipital condyle in Indian skulls. MATERIALS AND METHODS In the present study, 140 occipital condyles from 70 dry skulls were analysed. The length, width, height of occipital condyles, the anterior and posterior intercondylar distances was(More)
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