M.D. Macleod

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An off-line or block B-spline interpolation algorithm is modified to an on-line or running form which handles growing data sequences more efficiently. Some loss of interpolation accuracy is suffered with lowpass signals but when the signal is broadband, the increase in interpolation error is negligible while a significant saving in computational effort is(More)
The frequency estimation of a single tone corrupted by additive white Gaussian noise has received significant attention over the last decades due to its wide applicability in signal processing. In this paper, we propose a computationally fast and statistically improved hybrid single tone estimator which outperforms other recently proposed approaches,(More)
Woo (2001) introduced the hierarchical least mean-square (HLMS) adaptive filter algorithm, and demonstrated that it may converge faster than least mean-squares (LMS). This letter reports that the HLMS algorithm may converge to a biased impulse response, not only for colored input (as has previously been shown to be the case for the hierarchical least(More)
Pulsed wave (PW) Doppler ultrasound systems are commonly used to examine blood flow dynamics and the technique plays a very important role in numerous diagnostic applications. Commonly, narrow-band PW systems estimate the blood velocity using an autocorrelation-based estimator. Herein, we examine a recently proposed hybrid frequency estimator, and via(More)
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