M. D. MacLeod

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Students often need to develop skills that their teachers lack, and the recommended curricula in many developing countries call for teachers to educate their pupils in subjects in which they have little expertise, requiring teachers to rely on poorly designed government pedagogical methods. We conduct a pair of randomized evaluations that test different(More)
BACKGROUND Recent United Kingdom strategies focus on preventable suicide deaths in former psychiatric in-patients, but natural causes of death, accidents and homicide may also be important. This study was intended to find the relative importance of natural and unnatural causes of death in people discharged from long-term psychiatric care in Scotland in(More)
der. The continued-fraction design is still of no interest. (ii) Use of multiplier blocks can drastically change the complexity relations between different structures. Despite using almost twice the wordlength, and many more coefficients (corresponding to having almost 2.5 times the complexity using the C, measure), the direct forms require similar numbers(More)
Broadband Fixed Wireless Access (BFWA) systems offer an effective way to overcome the 'last mile problem' associated with offering pervasive broadband Inter-net coverage to households and business users. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) meanwhile is being widely promoted for adoption as the physical layer standard for BFWA systems owing to(More)
The literature on the economics of happiness in the developed economies finds discrepancies between reported measures of wellbeing and income measures. The 'Easterlin paradox', for example, shows that average happiness levels do not increase as countries grow wealthier. This article explores how the economics of happiness can help explain gaps between(More)
The purpose of this in terim report. This interim report forms part of the ESRC project 'The Cappuccino Community : cafés and civic life in the contemporary city' (R000239797). Its original data was drawn from various sources including the planned project ethnographies of a variety of coffee serving venues, favourite haunts of the researchers, novels, café(More)
We hypothesize that the perceived returns to human capital and to income uncertainty are important determinants of recent cross-sectional variation in Latin American fertility. An empirical study of crosscountry individual level data supports the hypothesis. In particular, we find that a higher perceived return to human capital and higher income uncertainty(More)
We describe a new tracking algorithm for the direction of arrival estimation problem where both the locations of the sensors in the array and the directions of arrival are nonstationary. The approach taken is Bayesian. The algorithm assumes that the filtering distribution is approximately Gaussian and maintains the mean and covariance of this approximation(More)
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