M D Laverick

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Seven patients with osteoid osteoma of the proximal femur were treated by percutaneous excision of the nidus. The combination of preoperative localisation by tomography and intraoperative localisation by image intensifier resulted in a curative procedure with minimal bone resection in all cases, although a second operation was required in one patient.
Axillary artery injury, a rare vascular complication of fracture of the humeral neck, is rendered unique by the concomitant subluxation of the humeral head. A coordinated vascular and orthopaedic surgical approach is necessary to reconstruct both the shoulder joint and the artery. The operative techniques chosen may determine long-term outcome.
We have developed a computer controlled system of strain gauge plethysmography for use as a screening tool for proximal segment venous thrombi which is simple to use, well tolerated by patients and extremely accurate. The computerised test was evaluated in 171 limbs of 163 symptomatic patients by comparison with subsequent ascending venography. Each of(More)
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