M. D. Kulkarni

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Mycotic aortic aneurysm continues to present challenging and difficult management issues with a significant morbidity and mortality. The offending organism in the etiology of this aneurysm can be variable and unusual. The first report of two mycotic aortic aneurysms caused by Clostridium septicum in the same patient is described here. Presentation and(More)
BACKGROUND Enterococci have assumed great clinical importance because of their increasing resistance to various antimicrobial agents. Thus, knowledge about the antibiogram of these multidrug resistant isolates is of utmost importance in formulating an effective antibiotic policy to treat these infections and reducing the morbidity and mortality. Aim of this(More)
This paper presents the novel framework, which provides the denoising of image which is corrupted because of additive white Gaussian Noise. This introduction of noise causes degradation of an image. In proposed framework, the image is preprocessed after preprocessing, similar clusters of are accumulated for the filtering. After getting similar clusters,(More)
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