M. D. Kulkarni

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Squamous cell carcinoma arising from tissue affected by chronic lymphedema is rare, though it is recognized that a variety of malignant tumors can arise in chronic congenital or acquired lymphedema. We describe, a case of scrotal and penile squamous cell carcinoma arising in a patient with a history of chronic scrotal and penile lymphedema of filarial(More)
A two-stage flexor tendon reconstruction using a silicone rod in the first stage and a free tendon graft through the pseudo sheath formed around the silicone in the second stage was described by Hunter and Salisbury for a neglected and failed flexor tendon reconstruction. We are describing a technique where we have used an infant feeding tube as a(More)
Commonly, a groin defect is reconstructed with flaps from ipsilateral thigh or lower abdomen. Here we present a case report of use of a pedicled flap from the posterior scrotum based on posterior scrotal artery to cover a groin defect exposing femoral vessels. Posterior scrotal artery, to best of our knowledge, has not been described in the literature to(More)
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