M. D. Islam

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AbstrAct Purpose: Optimization of the operating conditions is one of the most significant studies in the hydroforming process, which affect the forming of successful components. Design/methodology/approach: Finite Element simulations have been carried out using the commercial finite element package ANSYS in order to predict the most efficient and acceptable(More)
– Direct Torque controlled induction motor (DTC-IM) drives use stator resistance of the motor for stator flux estimation. So, stator resistance estimation properly is very important for a stable and effective operation of the induction motor. Stator resistance variations because of changing in temperature make DTC operation difficult mainly at low speed. A(More)
The introduction of the zero-tree wavelet image coding technique has leaded to the development of many new and powerful coding algorithms based on its theory. Because of simplicity and coding efficiency, Said and Pearlman's Set Partitioning In Hierarchical Trees (SPIHT) algorithm is treated as one of the most significant among these algorithms. However the(More)
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