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Since the early 1980s, there has been a growing interest in stochastic nonlinear dynamical systems of the form x tþ1 ¼ f ðx t ; x tÀ1 ;. .. ; x tÀp Þ þ sðx t Þe t , (1) where fx t g N t¼0 is a zero mean, covariance stationary process, f : R pþ1 ! R, s is the conditional volatility, and fe t g N t¼0 is an independent and identically distributed noise(More)
A case of localized juvenile periodontitis with bone loss affecting molars and premolars with advanced destruction around the lower first molars is described. These lesions were associated with areas of excess occlusal trauma. The ramifications of combined therapy aimed at the elimination and control of both the inflammatory and occlusal components of the(More)