M. D. Horwitz

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Mobile-bearing knee arthroplasty (MBKA) is an alternative to fixed-bearing knee arthroplasty. This was a retrospective study of the Rotaglide Total Knee System. We present the results of the monitoring of 77 patients (85 knees) with a median duration to failure or end of follow up of 8.5 years (range 0.4 to 10.1 years). Patients were clinically and(More)
INTRODUCTION Continuity of patient care is an essential prerequisite for the successful running of a trauma surgery service. This is becoming increasingly difficult because of the new working arrangements of junior doctors. Handover is now central to ensure continuity of care following shift change over. The purpose of this study was to compare the quality(More)
Haemorrhagic complications due to pseudoaneurysms of branch arteries can be treated by selective embolisation. Injuries to the main renal artery cannot be treated in this way without sacrificing the kidney. We report the successful percutaneous treatment of a main renal artery pseudoaneurysm with a stent-graft in a patient with a solitary kidney.
We retrospectively studied the possibility that direct trauma to the biceps muscle might be the cause of poor elbow flexion and supination in 18 consecutive children with birth lesions of the brachial plexus who had delayed or impaired biceps recovery despite neurophysiological evidence of reinnervation. All had good shoulder and hand function at three(More)
The effect of mixed chimerism on the pace of post-transplant immune reconstitution is unknown. Using flow cytometry, recall and neo-antigen vaccine responses, and T cell receptor recombination excision circle (TREC) quantification, we evaluated phenotypic and functional characteristics of T and B cells in nine patients following non-myeloablative,(More)
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