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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study is to treat the cases of fibromyositic rheumatisms untreatable with other therapies. The authors chose defocalized laser beams because some experimental studies had showed their analgesic and anti-phlogistic effects on experimental phlogosis. Since 1980 non-surgical laser effects were often(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of our study was to follow-up 15 patients with stretch marks treated positively with the CuBr laser (577-511 nm) in 1998-99 and followed-up for 2 years. MATERIALS AND METHODS The patients were Italian women, young to middle age (average 30 years old), with skin coloration classified as Fitzpatrick II-III. Biopsies were taken on some(More)
Hypocuprosis in cattle in Argentina was first reported in 1966 when it was found to occur in the region of the humid pampa of the Province of Buenos Aires (Bingley and Carrillo, 1966). The recognition of hypocuprosis has extended to include other regions of Argentina with different ecological characteristics but until now no definitive knowledge has been(More)
In the present study we assessed plasma renin activity (PRA) variations induced by Ca++ antagonist antihypertensive drug Nifedipine in 8 normoreninaemic or hyporeninaemic hypertensive patients. On two successive days three venous blood samples were sampled, two in clinostatic position and the last one 120 min later in orthostatic position; on the second day(More)
Sir: ARDS occurs in Europe with a current incidence of about 3.5±4.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants [1]. Patients with ARDS and additional sepsis have a mortality between 77 and 90%. The abdomen has been described as one possible focus [2]. Bell [3] described the role of abdominal CTscanning in the detection of possible foci. Nevertheless reliable data are(More)
PURPOSE Pulmonary embolism (PE) is a frequently occurring complication in critically ill patients. Simultaneous occurrence of PE and life-threatening bleeding, may render medical anticoagulation impossible. For these patients, inferior vena cava filters (IVCF) present a valuable therapeutic alternative. The Angel® catheter is a novel IVCF that provides(More)