M. D. Fernández-Ramos

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A field-portable photometer for potassium determination with disposable sensors has been developed. It can be applied to routine water and beverage analysis. The disposable sensor is based on ionophore-chromoionophore chemistry. A colour change in the sensing film is detected by measuring the transmitted intensity with a solid state photodetector. Optical(More)
The characterization of a new irreversible optical absorption-based one-shot sensor for magnesium is described. The magnesium photoactive probe is 7-diethylamino-3-(3,4-ethylendioxybenzoyl)coumarin immobilized in a plasticized polymeric membrane. The magnesium selectivity can be explained in terms of size and charge density of magnesium and charge-separated(More)
The application of a decimal logistic transformation to the sigmoidal calibration curve of ion-selective bulk optodes for the determination of anions based on hydrophobic membranes containing neutral ionophore and chromoionophore is formally established and, consequently, a wide linear calibration function is obtained. The problems derived from the use of a(More)
A single-use phosphorimetric drop plane sensor for the determination of oxolinic acid (OXA) is proposed. The sensor was formed by a 30x16 mm(2) rectangular strip of Mylar type polyester as solid support that contained a circular sensing zone, 6 mm in diameter and 20 mum in thickness, formed by PVC plasticized with tributylphosphate adhered to its surface.(More)
A single-use phosphorimetric sensor to determine the germicide nalidixic acid is proposed. The sensing action is based on the absorption of the analyte into the sensing zone and the subsequent measurement of the phosphorescence intensity emitted by the analyte fixed in the sensor. This plane drop sensor is made up of a 3 x 1.6 cm sheet of the polyester(More)
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