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On 110 preparations of the kidney in some wild animals (hare, fox, wolf, bear, boar and chamois), the blood vessels and the excretory apparatus were studied by dissection, injection-corrosion and microscope. Only the bear has a markedly split kidney, whereas the kidneys of the other animals are unsplit. In the fox there is an obvious split of the renal(More)
The brain of a 5-months old female baby was investigated. The baby died following operation for myelomeningocystocoele of the lumbosacral region. The post mortem finding showed that there were no other malformations present besides the changes at the level of the central nervous system. Lack of the falx was observed on the dura mater, while the tentorium(More)
On 50 brains of newborns of either sex, the exterior and interior morphology was studied. The exterior morphology of the brain was conformable to the configuration of the skull. The insula is relatively large, but extremely inadequately grooved. The subcortical masses are well pronounced but there is in general a very slight difference between the white and(More)
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