M. Cukr

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The temperature dependence of both components of the resistivity tensor ̺ xx (T) and ̺ xy (T) has been studied at T ≥ 4.2 K within IQHE plateaux around filling factors ν=2 and ν=4 of medium-mobility GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures. In the middle of the mobility gap standard activated conductivity has been found with activation energies ∆ scaling well with ¯ hω(More)
The results of Local Anodic Oxidation (LAO) on the thin GaMnAs layers are reported. The ferromagnetic GaMnAs layers were prepared by low temperature MBE growth in a Veeco Mod Gen II machine. The LAO process was performed with the AFM microscope Smena NT-MDT placed in the sealed box with the controlled humidity in the range 45-80%. The oxide was grown in the(More)
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