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We observe a singularity in the temperature derivative drho/dT of resistivity at the Curie point of high-quality (Ga,Mn)As ferromagnetic semiconductors with Tc's ranging from approximately 80 to 185 K. The character of the anomaly is sharply distinct from the critical contribution to transport in conventional dense-moment magnetic semiconductors and is(More)
We employ Faraday and Kerr effect spectroscopy in the infrared range to investigate the electronic structure of Ga_{1-x}Mn_{x}As near the Fermi energy. The band structure of this archetypical dilute-moment ferromagnetic semiconductor has been a matter of controversy, fueled partly by previous measurements of the unpolarized infrared absorption and their(More)
The results of Local Anodic Oxidation (LAO) on the thin GaMnAs layers are reported. The ferromagnetic GaMnAs layers were prepared by low temperature MBE growth in a Veeco Mod Gen II machine. The LAO process was performed with the AFM microscope Smena NT-MDT placed in the sealed box with the controlled humidity in the range 45-80%. The oxide was grown in the(More)
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