M. Cremer

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It is known that alpha-MSH augments cAMP levels in rat brain slices containing accumbens and caudate-putamen nuclei. In this study we examined: a) the effect of other neuropeptides: MCH and NEI, on this cyclic nucleotide; b) if the effects of alpha-MSH on cAMP production can be modulated by addition of MCH or NEI to the incubation medium. Both MCH and NEI(More)
  • K. Lisenko, F. McClanahan, T. Schöning, M. A. Schwarzbich, M. Cremer, T. Dittrich +2 others
  • 2016
Rituximab (R) in combination with DHAP is a widely accepted salvage regimen for patients with relapsed or refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). A common adverse effect of this protocol is renal toxicity which may result in treatment discontinuation. Assuming that a lower single dose of cisplatin over several days would reduce renal toxicity, our(More)
Mobile Datenkommunikation basiert üblicherweise auf der drahtlosen Anbindung eines Endgerätes an eine Basisstation, die ihrerseits an eine feste Infrastruktur a ngebunden ist. In v ielen Szenarien sind diese V oraussetzungen jedoch nicht g egeben. Beispiele h ierfür s ind Hochwasser, Erdbeben oder Flugzeugabstürze in dünn besiedelten Regionen. Einen(More)
The interaction between the neuropeptide alpha-MSH and the acetylcholinergic system as reflected by changes in cAMP and inositol 1-3-5 triphosphate(IP(3))production was investigated in an in vitro model of striatal slices. The possible involvement of D(1) receptors in cholinergic and alpha-MSH- stimulated cAMP and IP(3) production in slices of rat striatum(More)
We have tried to investigate the possible interaction between the gabaergic system and alpha-MSH at a cellular level in an in vitro model of male albino rats tissue slices containing accumbens and caudate-putamen nuclei. Alpha-MSH alone increases cAMP levels, as does diazepam and phaclofen; however, these effects were blocked by SCH-23390. Both flumazenil(More)
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