M. Cregan

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BACKGROUND Mammary stem cells have been extensively studied as a system to delineate the pathogenesis and treatment of breast cancer. However, research on mammary stem cells requires tissue biopsies which limit the quantity of samples available. We have previously identified putative mammary stem cells in human breast milk, and here, we further(More)
The incorporation of distributed control systems in power plants has become increasingly standard. However, particularly under alarm conditions, ease of access to plant-wide signals complicates the task of monitoring plant operation. Data mining techniques are ideally suited to dealing with such data, which tends to be highly correlated and collinear.(More)
BACKGROUND Milk ejection is a transient episode critical to milk removal and women typically have multiple milk ejections during breastfeeding and pumping. Recently it was found that milk ejection characteristics such as number of milk ejections and periodicity were consistent throughout 12 months of lactation in women who expressed their milk with an(More)
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