M. Cortesi

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE In acute stroke, Iron (Fe) may amplify reperfusion injury by catalyzing the conversion of superoxide and hydrogen peroxide into highly reactive radicals. Transferrin (Tf) is the main protein regulating Fe homeostasis, whereas Ceruplasmin (CP) is a circulating ferroxidase enzyme able to oxidize ferrous ions to less toxic ferric forms.(More)
The decrease in swimming performance (v max) that occurs with age is a not only consequence of the physiological decrease in maximal metabolic power ( $${\dot{E}}_{\it max}$$ ) but can also be expected to depend on an increase in the energy cost of swimming (C) $${\nu}_{\rm max} = {\dot {E}}_{\rm max}/C.$$ In turn, for a given speed and stroke C = W d /(More)
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