M. Condon

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In an open, double-blind study of phencyclidine intoxication, 21 white male subjects were later found to have instead ingested ketamine. These subjects were divided into two cohorts, one treated with 5 mg intramuscular haloperidol and the second with an active placebo. Assessment with the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale revealed significant reduction in(More)
This study was undertaken in a young Irish population to determine the dimensions and ratios of the six maxillary anterior teeth. One hundred and nine Irish subjects (age 18-25 inclusive) had irreversible hydrocolloid impressions made of their maxillary dentition poured in type V stone. Clinical crown dimensions were measured with a digital calliper. The(More)
The authors compared the antimanic effects of a verapamil-magnesium oxide (V-M) combination with a verapamil-placebo combination (V-P) in patients pretreated with verapamil. BPRS scores and serum magnesium levels were compared. The V-M combination was found to be significantly more effective than V-P in reducing manic symptoms (P=0.015). Serum magnesium(More)
C hinese investment activity in Africa has skyrocketed in recent years, outpacing every other nation except South Africa. China finances more infrastructure projects in Africa than the World Bank and provides billions of dollars in low-interest loans to the continent's emerging economies. These loans and investments are typically made in exchange for(More)
Biological markers of affective disorders have not been studied intensively in patients with secondary depression. An elderly woman with severe delusional depression secondary to thyrotoxicosis was monitored with weekly dexamethasone suppression tests (DSTs) and three sleep electroencephalography (EEG) evaluations. She received treatment only for her(More)
Medieval and Renaissance teaching techniques using linkage between course content and tangentially related visual symbols were applied to the teaching of the pharmacological principles of addiction. Forty medical students randomly divided into two blinded groups viewed a lecture. One lecture was supplemented by symbolic slides, and the second was not.(More)
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