M. Comparato

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In this paper we show how advanced visualization tools can help the researcher in investigating and extracting information from data. The focus is on VisIVO, a novel open source graphics application, which blends high performance multidimensional visualization techniques and up-to-date technologies to cooperate with other applications and to access remote,(More)
Contraceptive efficacy, subject acceptability (cycle control, side-effects, acne score and weight gain) and blood pressure of a monophasic oral contraceptive containing 30 microg ethinyl estradiol plus 150 microg desogestrel (Marvelon) were assessed in an open-label 6-cycle multicenter study in Argentina (7 centers) and Venezuela (5 centers). Of the 407(More)
Cosmological simulations of structures and galaxies formations have played a fundamental role in the study of the origin, formation and evolution of the Universe. These studies improved enormously with the use of supercomputers and parallel systems and, recently, grid based systems and Linux clusters. Now we present the new version of the tree N-body(More)
Nowadays astronomers are experiencing an unprecedented growth in the quality and quantity of datasets coming from numerical simulations and real-world observations. For example, the increasing availability of high performance computing facilities has given the possibility to perform large-scale simulations of several dimensions. Also, forthcoming(More)