M. Coimbra

T. D. Bradley1
F. Rudzicz1
M. T. Pastorello1
M. Dantas1
M.A dos Reis1
1T. D. Bradley
1F. Rudzicz
1M. T. Pastorello
1M. Dantas
1M.A dos Reis
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Recent studies have demonstrated that alpha-Smooth Muscle actin expression in glomerular and tubulointerstitial compartments of renal tissue could represent a prognostic marker in several renal diseases. Our objective was to identify the prognostic value of alpha-SM actin actin expression on the evolution of renal damage in Primary IgA nephropathy (Berger's(More)
Recently we showed that fluid accumulation in the neck can narrow the upper airway (UA) and increase its collapsibility, which may exacerbate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). However, the available methods for measuring neck fluid volume (NFV) are inconvenient and expensive. Narrowing of the UA due to fluid accumulation could change acoustic characteristics(More)
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