M Ciovîrnache

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We reported an apparently previously undescribed syndrome, designated the coxoauricular syndrome, in a mother and her 3 daughters, all of whom shared in variable manner shortness of stature, minor vertebral and pelvic changes, dislocated hip(s), and microtia with corresponding hearing loss. The oldest daughter had coincidental Ullrich-Turner syndrome with(More)
Quantitative and qualitative characteristics (form and orientation of the digital patterns, total digital ridges count, delta index, form and regional distribution of palmar patterns, palmar flexion creases, palmar delta index, atd angle, the direction of the A, B, C, and D palmar lines and the number of crests between the a, b, c, and d triradii) of(More)
Digito-palmar dermatoglyphics in 93 subjects with thyroid cancer (34 males, 59 females) of which 87.1% had folliculo-papillar adenocarcinoma were studied qualitatively and quantitatively. The findings were compared to the dermatoglyphics of 100 males and 100 females from the clinically healthy autochthonous population. The thyroid cancer subjects had a(More)
The somatotype of 92 children with sexual structural anomalies of whom 28 with female Turner's syndrome, 22 with Klinefelter's syndrome, 20 with adreno-genital syndrome, 14 with hypospadias, 2 with Reinfenstein's syndrome and 6 with feminizing testis was established on the basis of biometric and genetically determined morphologic characteristics(More)