M. Chung Nguyen

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Hippocampal neurons in primates have been extensively studied with electrophysiological and neuroanatomical methods. Much less effort has been devoted to examining these cells with contemporary pharmacological techniques. Therefore, we modified a recently developed integrative technique (N. Ludvig, P.E. Potter, S.E. Fox, Simultaneous single-cell recording(More)
Myelofibrosis is most frequently associated with certain primary myeloproliferative disorders,but is rare in lymphoid neoplasms. We report the fourth case associated with T-cell lymphoma, involving bone marrow, lymph nodes and spleen. Marked extramedullary hematopoiesis was present. Myelofibrosis subsided completely with response to standard anti-lymphoma(More)
Thermoelectric properties of graphene and graphene-based nanostructures have recently attracted great attention from both physics and engineering communities. However, to make graphene a good thermoelectric material, two important issues must be overcome, i.e. (i) its gapless character, which leads to a poor value Seebeck coefficient in pristine graphene(More)
Though the energy bandgap of strained graphene remains zero, the shift of Dirac points in the k-space due to strain-induced deformation of graphene lattice can lead to the appearance of a finite conduction gap of several hundreds meV in strained/unstrained junctions with a strain of only a few percent. This conduction gap strongly depends on the direction(More)
We study the thermoelectric properties of devices made of two partially overlapped graphene sheets. As a consequence of the weak van der Waals interactions between graphene layers, it is shown that the phonon conductance in these junctions is strongly reduced compared to that of single graphene layer structures. In contrast, their electrical conductance is(More)
Graphene, even with excellent transport properties, still have serious drawbacks for practical applications. In particular, its gapless character makes it difficult to turn off the current in graphene transistors and leads to a poor saturation of current. Many efforts of bandgap engineering have been made to overcome these limitations. For instance, they(More)
The effects of local uniaxial strain on grapshene devices like single-barrier structure and p-n tunnel diode are investigated. The strain-induced displacement of Dirac points allows us toi suppress and/or control the Klein tunneling and the interband tunneling, which leads to strong effect of negative differential conductance. It is shown that when strain(More)
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