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In this work, we present an extended study of image representations for fine-grained classification with respect to image resolution. Understudied in literature, this parameter yet presents many practical and theoretical interests, e.g. in embedded systems where restricted computational resources prevent treating high-resolution images. It is thus(More)
  • L. Perchepied, D. Leforestier, E. Ravon, P. Guérif, C. Denancé, M. Tellier +5 others
  • 2015
Scab is one of the major fungal diseases infecting pear trees, causing the greatest economic losses. Identifying and pyramiding scab resistance factors should help in breeding new resistant pear cultivars. We have identified and mapped two new pear resistance loci against the fungal pathogen Venturia pirina. The first locus, mapped both as a major gene and(More)
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