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Medical image fusion has been used to derive the useful complimentary information from multimodality imaging. The proposed methodology introduces fusion approach for robust and automatic extraction of information from segmented images of different modalities. This fusion strategy is implemented in multiresolution domain using wavelet transform- and genetic(More)
Medical image segmentation is one of the difficult tasks in image processing since the accuracy of segmentation determines the eventual success or failure of proper diagnosis. In medical imaging identification of each pixel in a region has vital importance since it can increase the standard of evaluation criteria. In this respect segmentation of brain MR(More)
This paper is about comparison between adaptive PID control and model predictive control in the conical tank process. The level control becomes quite typical due to the nonlinear shape of tank. Many process industries use conical tanks because of its shape contributes to better drainage of solid mixtures, slurries and viscous liquids. So control of conical(More)
In this paper, an approach to optimization of semantic image analysis is presented by employing genetic algorithm coupled with Ontologies. Ontologies are used to interpret the image in machine understandable language. High-level information is represented in the form of interested domain concepts chosen and the low level information in the form of low level(More)
Cancer is a major public health burden in both developed and developing countries. It is an abnormal growth of cells in body that can lead to death and globally the numbers of cancer patients are increasing day by day. There are several medicines available in the market to treat the various types of cancer but no drug is found to be fully effective and(More)
With the universal presence of short-range connectivity technologies (e.g., Bluetooth and, more recently, Wi-Fi Direct) in the consumer electronics market, the delay tolerant network (DTN) model is becoming a viable alternative to the traditional infrastructural model. In this paper, we address the proximity malware detection and containment problem with(More)
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