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This paper analyses the effects of Single Event Upsets in an SRAM-based FPGA, with special emphasis for the transient faults affecting the configuration memory. Two approaches are combined: from one side, by exploiting the available information and tools dealing with the device configuration memory, we were able to make hypothesis on the meaning of every(More)
The field of surgical interventions emphasizes knowledge and experience; explicit and detailed models of surgical processes are hard to obtain by observation or measurement. However, in medical engineering and related developments, such models are highly valuable. Surgical process modeling deals with the generation of complex process descriptions by(More)
It is well known that forecasting the flowering time of wild vegetation is useful for various sectors of human activity, particularly for all agricultural practices. Therefore, continuing previous work by Cenci et al., we will present here three new phenoclimatic models of the flowering time for a set of wild species, based on an original data sample of(More)
1 P/MAPLD 2004 Abstract—The design of a DC/DC switching boost converter based on a radiation hardened digital controller implemented in SRAM FPGAs is presented. Single event functional interrupts (SEFIs) are the dominant radiation effects in SRAM-based FPGAs. When applying digital control using SRAM FPGAs in a switching converter application, SEFIs result(More)
We have investigated the effects produced by exposing a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based on static RAM to an Ion Beam. Tested devices have been taken from FLEX10K family manufactured by Altera Corporation. These parts are commercial graded and not qualified for application in radioactive environments. A design based on mixed plain and(More)
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