M. Celina Bonetto

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BACKGROUND The prognosis of long-term severe disorders of consciousness due to traumatic brain injury is discouraging. There is little definitive evidence of the underlying mechanisms, but a deficiency of the dopaminergic system may be involved. METHODS In a prospective open-labelled clinical study, the feasibility, relative efficacy and safety of(More)
BACKGROUND Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can induce long-term severe disorders of consciousness. Evidence suggests an underlying dopaminergic deficit. Dopamine agonists may therefore play an important role in recovery of consciousness. OBJECTIVE To explore the response to continuous subcutaneous administration of apomorphine in a patient who had remained(More)
Nitrogen compounds like urea and melamine are known to be commonly used for milk adulteration resulting in undesired intoxication; a well-known example is the Chinese episode occurred in 2008. The development of a rapid, reliable and economic test is of relevance in order to improve adulterated milk identification. Cyclic voltammetry studies using an Au(More)
Electrogenic bacteria are organisms that can transfer electrons to extracellular electron acceptors and have the potential to be used in devices such as bioelectrochemical systems (BES). In this study, Dietzia sp. RNV-4 bacterium has been isolated and identified based on its biochemical, physiological and morphological characteristics, as well as by its 16S(More)
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