M. Cecelia Buchanan

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A traditional static document has a spatial layout that indicates where objects in the document appear. Because multimedia documents incorporate time, they also require a temporal layout, or schedule, that indicates when events in the document occur. This paper argues that multimedia document systems should provide mechanisms for automatically producing(More)
A schedule for a multimedia document indicates when document events should occur. We describe a two-phase algorithm that automatically produces schedules for interactive multimedia documents, which can contain both predictable behavior (such as audio and video) and unpredictable behavior (such as user interaction and programs with unpredictable execution(More)
This research utilizes a communication perspective to examine the dissemination of information about menopause in terms of women's attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge. Specifically, this study uses a grounded theory approach (Glaser & Strauss, 1967) to explore the communicative processes of misinformation concerning women's lived experiences in relation to(More)
Previous work has demonstrated the use of documents as user interfaces, in which static document elements, such as words and pictures, become user interface interaction elements, such as menus and buttons [Bier 90]. In this videotape, we demonstrate our extension of this concept to dynamic multimedia documents, allowing user interface designers to create(More)
The condition of an abnormal pulmonary artery supplying a sequestrated segment is not well known although more than 30 cases have been described. The fact that these cases have come from a few centres (Pryce, 1946; Pryce, Sellors and Blair, 1947; Butler, 1947; Douglass, 1948; Bruwer, Claggett and McDonald, 1950; McDowell, Robb, Hinds and Nicks, 1951;(More)