M Catherine Aime

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This study provides a first broad systematic treatment of the euagarics as they have recently emerged in phylogenetic systematics. The sample consists of 877 homobasidiomycete taxa and includes approximately one tenth (ca. 700 species) of the known number of species of gilled mushrooms that were traditionally classified in the order Agaricales. About 1000(More)
• The ectomycorrhizal (ECM) symbiosis was historically considered restricted to the temperate zones, but recent studies have shown the importance of this symbiosis across the tropics. We examined ECM fungal diversity, host plant phylogeny and ECM host preferences in a rainforest dominated by the leguminous host plants Dicymbe corymbosa, Dicymbe altsonii and(More)
Fungal endophytes were isolated from healthy stems and pods of Theobroma gileri, an alternative host of the frosty pod rot pathogen of cacao. Non-sporulating isolates were grouped into 46 different morphological species according to their colony morphology. Many of these morphospecies were assumed to be basidiomycetes and, therefore, were of particular(More)
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