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A direct chemiluminescent procedure for determination of hydroquinone based on the emergent flow methodology known as multicommutation or tandem-flow is presented for first time. The manifold was based on a set of three channels and three solenoid valves; and, the determination was performed at 60 degrees C and at flow-rate of 7.5mlmin(-1). The complete(More)
This article deals with the simultaneous determination of three dissolution profiles with the aid of the new and emerging continuous-flow methodology known as multicommutation. This methodology is based on a flow network of a set of solenoid valves controlled by the computer and acting as independent multicommutators to allow the easy and automated control(More)
A new, robust and simple method is proposed for the chemiluminescent determination of the pesticide Bromoxynil. The empirical procedure is performed with the aid of a flow-injection manifold provided with an on-line photo-reactor to obtain chemiluminescent photofragments. After a period of 12 s of irradiation with an 8 W low-pressure mercury lamp, a(More)
A flow injection analysis (FIA) procedure for the determination of free chlorine in industrial formulations and water samples is proposed. The manifold is provided with a gas-diffusion unit which permits the removal of interfering species and also the preconcentration of chlorine. The determination of chlorine is performed on the basis of the oxidation by(More)
The flow injection spectrophotometric determination of cysteine was carried out by reaction with cobalt(II) ions entrapped in a polymeric material and filling a packed-bed reactor; the released cobalt(II) complexed with the amino acid was monitored at 360 nm. The method worked with a high repeatability, even with independent reactors, days and solutions.(More)
This paper presents the analytical determination of the pesticide Asulam based on its native fluorescence. The method was optimized in either a flow injection analysis (FIA) assembly or in batch. The maximum fluorescence intensity was observed for basic pH solutions and at a lamda(ex) of 258 nm and a lamda(em) of 342 nm. The influence of different empirical(More)
This article deals with the simultaneous determination of three dissolution profiles in the same pharmaceutical formulation. The officially proposed procedure from the pharmacopoeias is adapted to the FIA methodology to obtain the officially recommended profile or "global profile", and two "individual" profiles, corresponding to dissolution rate of two(More)
The indirect determination of nitrite was performed with a flow-injection assembly on the basis of the inhibition of the analytical output obtained in a luminometer by oxidation of acriflavine. The acriflavine solution merged with the nitrite and the resulting mixture was injected into a pure water stream. This solution merged with the oxidant solution(More)
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