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Despite the ongoing evolution in the medical treatment of biliary pathology, the standard of treatment for gallstones remains cholecystectomy. There are no alternative treatments that have shown the same efficacy as surgery. Current alternative treatments have shown high recurrence and failure rates. Cholecystectomy remains the gold standard for management(More)
INTRODUCTION A spontaneous cervical epidural hematoma is an infrequent cause of cord compression. The commonest clinical presentations are with paraparesia and tetraparesia. Transient hemiparesia is very rare and a sensory-motor syndrome is exceptional. CLINICAL CASE A 38 year old man had sudden onset of spontaneous interscapular vertebral pain with(More)
Mitochondrial disorders are multisystemic diseases with very heterogeneous clinical manifestations. A same genetic mutation can result in distinctive clinical phenotypes and, on the other hand, distinct mutations can result in the same clinical phenotype. This article review the manifestations of the diverse clinical syndromes, their relationship with the(More)
INTRODUCTION The one and a half vertical syndrome consists of paralysis of upward vertical conjugated gaze and monocular paralysis of downward gaze or vice-versa. It occurs as a consequence of a mesencephalodiencephalic lesion, either unilaterally or bilaterally, due to effects on structures such as the interstitial nucleus of Cajal, posterior commissure(More)
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