M. Carmona

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Rising incomes, the spread of personal insurance, lifestyle factors adding to the burden of illness, ageing populations, globalization and skills transfer within the medical community have increased worldwide demand for organ transplantation. The Global Observatory on Donation and Transplantation, which was built in response to World Health Assembly(More)
In the context of the long-term care for older adults, informal carers play a key role. Daily competing priorities or a care-skills deficit may lead them to stress, anxiety and/or depression. The iCarer project (AAL-2012-5-239) proposes the design and implementation of a cloud-inspired personalised and adaptive platform which will offer support to informal(More)
In this study, we consider the use of seismic sensors for footstep localization in indoor environments. A popular strategy of localization is to use the measured differences in arrival times of source signals at multiple pairs of receivers. In the literature, most algorithms that are based on time differences of arrival (TDOA) assume that the propagation(More)
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