M. Carmen Aranda

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In this paper, an effective shape-based leaf image retrieval system is presented. A new contour descriptor is defined which reduces the number of points for the shape representation considerably. This shape representation is based on the curvature of the leaf contour and it deals with the scale factor in a novel and compact way. A two-step algorithm for(More)
´ In this paper we present a definition of a domain relational calculus for fuzzy relational databases using the GEFRED model as a starting point. It is possible to define an equivalent fuzzy tuple relational calculus and consequently we achieve the two query language levels that Codd designed for relational databases but these are extended to Ž. fuzzy(More)
Database management systems used in information systems for the tourism industry and based on SQL are flexible insofar as they allow queries regarding the data stored in them. However, the SQL language, in spite of its flexibility, cannot deal with the vagueness of the queries clients present to travel agencies. Questions like ''I want an inexpensive trip(More)
(35.5%), seguida por Lepus sp. ABSTRACT Feeding habits of the bobcat (Lynx rufus) in two different localities of Mexico were studied by the analysis of 197 and 922 scats. Lagomorphs, and rodents were the more important prey items in both places. At El Plomito, state of Sonora, we found 18 different prey species, and the most important were Sylvilagus Our(More)
and the United States to present and discuss their work on the history of various aspects of scientific, technological, and medical knowledge production, including cartography, astrology, shipbuilding, natural history, medicine, and public health. Several invited senior scholars, whose research interests resonated with those of the participants, offered(More)
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