M. Caria

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The assessment of the effects of long-term management practices is relevant in understanding the current patterns of plant assemblages in semi-natural ecosystems. We hypothesized that the variety of management practices across different farming systems under the same ecological conditions directly and indirectly shapes these patterns via the long-term(More)
The collection and organization of distributional data is the first crucial stage of any conservation planning action: therefore the decline in field research has implications in both the systematic, floristic and conservation fields. The aim of this paper is to analyze the effects of data updating on conservation planning and priorities. Focusing on the(More)
A few years ago , an experimental facility composed of networking gear and simulation tools was sufficient for testing the main features of a prototype before the final product could be launched to the Internet market. This paradigm has certainly changed , but the lack of platforms enabling the realistic assessment of the different facets of a product ,(More)
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