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The Higgs sector of the minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM) consists of five physical Higgs bosons, which offer a variety of channels for their experimental search. The present study aims to further our understanding of the Tevatron reach for MSSM Higgs bosons, addressing relevant theoretical issues related to the SUSY parameter space, with special(More)
Acute overlapping of successive laser pulses onto the cornea during photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) is important to avoid refractive distortions. Most excimer laser systems performing corneal ablation lack control of the patient's eye movements and they cannot track the target corneal zone. We developed an eye-tracker based on television monitoring of the(More)
A discretization method for the study of the weak type (1, 1) for the maximal of a sequence of convolution operators on R has been introduced by Miguel de Guzmán and Teresa Carrillo, by replacing the integrable functions by finite sums of Dirac deltas. Trying to extend the above mentioned result to integral operators defined on metric measure spaces, a(More)
PURPOSE The authors report on their device, the surgical image tracker, which provides automatic compensation for movements of the surgical image within the microscope field of view, during vitreoretinal procedures. METHODS The authors developed a compact device acting as an automatic image tracker, based on video monitoring of the surgical image and(More)
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