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An analytical version of the discrete-ordinates method is used here in the field of rarefied-gas dynamics to solve a version of the temperature-jump problem that is based on a linearized, variable collision frequency model of the Boltzmann equation. In addition to a complete development of the discrete-ordinates method for the application considered, the(More)
After a primary infection protocol of macrophages with Leishmania amazonensis, the percentage of infection drops as infection progresses and the uninfected population of macrophages mask the effects of infection for electrophysiological studies. In order to increase or maintain the infection percentage, we introduce an enrichment process after primary(More)
The classical BGK model for describing the flow of a rarefied gas in a cylindrical tube is used as a starting point for developing an equivalent integral-equation formulation of the considered class of problems. While the problems of Poiseuille flow and thermal creep in a cylindrical tube have already been well solved in terms of a pseudo problem obtained(More)
Creativity is a critical factor in the today’s increasingly competitive business environment. In order to increase and accelerate the production of innovation, firms attempt to promote creativity and produce ideas by organizing creative workshops. The creative process, especially during creative workshop, is a knowledge creation and manipulation process.(More)
The renormalized charge of a simple two-dimensional model of colloidal suspension was determined by solving the hypernetted chain approximation and Ornstein-Zernike equations. At the infinite dilution limit, the asymptotic behavior of the correlation functions is used to define the effective interactions between the components of the system and these(More)
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