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We selected two clones, isolated from the human colocarcinoma cell line LoVo, showing a sensitivity to doxorubicin similar to (LoVo clone 5) or three times lower than (LoVo clone 7) the parental cell line. Since vimentin was atypically expressed in a human breast carcinoma cell line made resistant to doxorubicin, we looked at vimentin expression in these(More)
In this study we characterized alpha v beta 5 integrin on HT-1080 fibrosarcoma cells. First, alpha v beta 5 integrin was immunoprecipitated by 125I-surface labeled HT-1080 cells using a polyclonal antibody specific for beta 5 subunit (cytoplasmic domain). A heterodimer consisting of a beta 5-chain running at 100 kD (reduced) and 90 kD (non-reduced)(More)
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