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Indirect calorimetry is the method by which metabolic rate and substrate utilization are estimated in human beings starting from respiratory gas exchange measurements and urinary nitrogen excretion. This method is based on some models and assumptions that must be known and taken into consideration to correctly interpret the results obtained. Recent advances(More)
Objective: To calculate cardiac output from dual oximetry with carbon dioxide production (VCO2) and oxygen consumption (VO2) measured by a new metabolic monitor, and to compare these values with measurements made simultaneously using the thermodilution method during the steady state condition. Design: Prospective, comparative clinical study. Setting: The(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate if there were differences between bench central oxygen saturation (ScvO2) and mixed venous oxygen saturation (SvO2) in a group of acutely ill postsurgical patients. DESIGN A prospective comparative study of two sampling sites. SETTING Postsurgical ICU at a University Hospital. PATIENTS 39 acutely ill postsurgical patients,(More)
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