M. Cakrtová

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The authors point to the considerable variability in the development of the mammary gland in Poland's syndrome cases. Using computed tomography they draw attention to some other anatomical deviations of the deeper-seated structures of the affected side of the chest. Finally, they discuss various techniques of breast reconstruction for hypoplasia or aplasia.
Facelift is currently one of the most requested procedures among consumers of aesthetic plastic surgery. Like any operation, it is accompanied by a variety of potential complications, with postoperative bleeding probably the most frequent. Hematomas can cause hyperpigmentation, contour changes due to subcutaneous scarring, prolongation of healing, and(More)
Introduction: This study examined the use of military mobile hospitals for the provision of primary care in rural areas during four years. The Military Medical Service Department was ordered to send mobile hospitals to many different rural areas to: (1) provide primary care and treat patients; (2) refer cases to a larger hospital if necessary, using air(More)
The authors present an account of the history of surgical treatment of hypertrophic breasts at the Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Prague. They divided the period from 1928 to the present time into stages with regard to the predominating technique. The authors emphasize also the necessity of careful selection of the surgical procedure with regard to the type(More)
AIM To get acquainted with the 2nd Czech study about cryptophthamos and with self-surgical methods. MATERIAL The boy with unilateral complete cryptophthalmos of left eye was treated from 2 to 20 years. The girls was treated from 4 month to 5 year yet for right abortive cryptophthalmos with microblepharon and left complete type still waiting for(More)