M. C. de Paiva

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Hyperinflation is usually interpreted as a result of the monetary financing of serious fiscal imbalances. Here, a fiscalist alternative is explored, in which inflation explodes because of the fiscal effects of monetary policy. Higher interest rates cause the outside financial wealth of private agents to grow faster in nominal terms, which in fiscalist(More)
This paper presents the development of an multiprojection stereoscopic dental arches application with semantic descriptions. The first section presents the concepts of the used technologies. Applications and examples are demonstrated. Finally, is presented the physical structure and the developed system, where a 3D dental arch is used as a model and can be(More)
Besides recognizing the user voice, Voice User Interface (VUI) systems are able to understand what the user says and to supply responses to these inputs, usually in real time. The state-of-the-art in speech technology already allows the development of automatic systems designed to work in real conditions (San-Segundo et al, 2005). Companies such as Philips,(More)
Real Time Immersive Simulation and Visualization applications have been powered traditionally by high-end graphics workstations or supercomputers. But recently, clusters of commodity computers (PCs, Macintoshes, low cost workstations) have become a practical alternative. The advantages of a commodity cluster include low cost, flexibility, performance(More)
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