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One of key inputs to hydrological modeling is the potential evapotranspiration, either from the interception (PET0) or from the soil water of root zone (PET). The Shuttleworth–Wallace (S–W) model is developed for their estimation. In this parameterization, neither experimental measurement nor calibration is introduced. Based on IGBP land cover(More)
This paper presents a comparison between two Artificial Neural Network (ANN) approaches, namely, Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) and Radial Basis Function (RBF) networks, in flood forecasting. The basic difference between the two methods is that the parameters of the former network are nonlinear and those of the latter are linear. The optimum model parameters(More)
Borrowing ideas from one-dimensional array selection sorting algorithms, we propose a sorting algorithm for two-dimensional arrays. Both theoretical analysis and experimental evaluation show that the proposed algorithm is easy to implement, and has much lower computational complexity than one-dimensional sorting algorithms, especially when arrays have large(More)
Carbon-supported Pt catalysts have been widely employed as electrocatalysts for energy storage/conversion applications, but have encountered challenging instability issues. In this work, we investigated the degradation behaviors of pore-confined and surface-located Pt nanocatalysts, employing hollow porous carbon spheres with precisely controlled structure(More)
This paper reported the results of 24 hours continuous ECG, day time and overnight arterial blood gas/pH and serum electrolytes in 20 patients with cor pulmonale, in order to investigate the rule of changes of ventricular arrhythmias (VA). The results were as follows: (1) Incidence of VA in 24 hours Holter Monitoring was 100%. (2) Frequent VPBs were(More)
After investigating information processing management at the pharmaceutical corporation, presented indicators decomposition model based on product chain. Countering the specific conditions of corporation, analyzing all kinds of data, created product chain in the pharma-ceutical corporation, designed system solutions of indicators decomposition model based(More)
The geometric concepts of outer containing cylinder for space finite points have frequently been introduced into the evaluation of molding error of cylinder surface in the operation of mechanical manufacturing and mold processing. Since space finite points obviously consists of numerous outer containing cylinders, a mathematical model is built to find the(More)